Frequently Asked Questions


What is a vertical farm?

  • A vertical farm makes efficient use of space by growing up instead of on a flat surface (like the ground), and is indoors. This means we can be closer to our customer, and grow year round without worrying about seasons. 

Is your product organic?

  • We are not certified organic, however, we grow our plants without the use of ANY pesticides or herbicides. 

What makes your product better than grocery store product?

  • Because we grow close to our customer and year round, we can get our product into your hands within 24 hours of harvest. This means a fresher, tastier product that last longer in your fridge and reduces food waste meaning more value for your money. Also, by not using chemical sprays, our product is safe from potential harmful side-effects to our employees and consumers. 

How can I purchase this product?

  • We offer our products at our storefront, and for online order.

How long does your product last?

  • We recommend consuming our product within 10 days of harvest date.

Why does your product have a harvest date instead of a best before date?

  • We want to be as transparent as possible, thus we tell you when your produce was harvested. The consumer will know best when they want to eat their produce by. 


Subscription Service

    When do you deliver?

    • We deliver to Ajax and Whitby on Thursdays, and Oshawa, Courtice, and Bowmanville on Fridays. Our delivery time is usually between 4pm-7pm.

    Where do you deliver?

    • We currently deliver to Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice, and Bowmanville. Click here to check if your postal code is in our radius.

    When is the order cutoff?

    • Orders need to be placed on week before the payment date (if you place your order on Wednesday, you will be charged on the following Wednesday and your order will be ready within the next two days).

      When will I be charged?

      • Your credit card (or other payment method) will be charged on Wednesdays before your delivery.

      What is the advantage of the subscription service?

      • By choosing a subscription, you can set it and forget it. This means you don't need to think about placing an order every week and you always have the freshest greens available. 


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